Financial Planning
Financial Planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances.
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Online Investment
Online Transaction through your internet banking gateway using our "Online Platform".
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Fixed Deposit & Bonds
FD is a financial instrument provided by banks which provides higher rate of interest than a regular savings.
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We can help to grow your business!
We at Uttam Nivesh, believe that protection of your fund is a prime job and it needs to be addressed with lots of knowledge and proper planning.
Hence we follow a four step process of Financial Planning - Risk Profiling, Goal Planning, Portfolio structuring and portfolio tracking. We use a wide range of products to achieve the financial Goals of our clients Mutual Funds, Stocks, Fixed Deposits etc. We strongly recommend and use Mutual Funds in every clients portfolio creation, due to its lot many advantages over other investment products, like- diversification, professional approach and steady growth.
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From the Advise of
Uttam Nivesh
Our unique financial planning and advice experience is called Dream > Plan > Track, and it all begins with you - your needs, dreams and goals.
Our advisor will work towards creating financial security and stability for you through a range of financial solutions specific to your individual needs, and then making sure that the desired results are achieved through on-going conversation, active tracking, and applying appropriate corrections throughout the lifecycle.
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